Halo 2 Legendary Speedrun times not registering

So i just did my Legendary Speedrun on Halo. However, Metropolis and Gravemind Legendary times are not being displayed in the in game leaderboards or in the HaloWaypoint stats. Whats odd is that for Metropolis i have nothing in the in game leaderboards. For Gravemind it says i completed it in 1:40:39

Now before you guys tell me that Scarab gives missions 1:40:39 times. Yes i know this. However, Scarab wasnt active when i was doing the Legendary speedrun. I started My Speedrun on The Oracle non stop all the way to the end. I know scarab was never active because the other missions have my time on the leaderboards.

So what gives? Why arent my times showing and why does gravemind say 1:40:39? Any help would be appreciated.

its happend to me, you’ve just got to do it again

this has happened to me on metropolis iv redone the lvl 3 times and it hasn’t changed

ive done gravemind twice on legendary and it says my time is 1:40:39

This has happened to me too, I just completed the last legendary speed run on Gravemind in 33:08 and thankfully that time saved. However 5 other missions say that I have 1:40:39 with one of them being Regret. I didn’t use skulls on any of them.

WOW just WOW…343 is as bad as bungie it seems when it comes to fixing their games and making them enjoyable…so here it is april of 2015, 6 MONTHS after launch and these game breaking bugs still exist. Quite pathetic that I spent the better part of 3 hours today frustratingly quit/saving through these god awful checkpoints on Halo CE The truth and reconciliation to finally finish this map legit (no map skipping grenade jump crap) in 45 minutes on legendary. Not that great of a time but my previous was 1:15…yet now on the speedrun wall it STILL SAYS 1:15…DIDNT EVEN REGISTER THE LAST 3 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY THROUGH THAT GOD FORSAKEN STUPID LEVEL. You guys lost my respect…cant find any info on this besides threads complaining about this problem and no fix…just replay it until it registers…WTF@THAT. Disband your studios if your just going to continue to deliver broken games, empty promises and painfully dreadful campaigns.

Having same problem. Regret not showing time or score. Waypoint showing wrong time. 1:40:39!

Same for me. Regret and gravemind saying 1:40:39…

Fix your -Yoink- ffs 343, I’ve done Regret 4 -Yoinking!- times now, each one better than the last and you drop the ball and the time still says 40 mins. -Yoink- doing this achievement or the game if you can’t keep simple times saved.

I have the same problem! Been doing Halo 2 Legendary breaking the par times and the times don’t register. I had to do Metropolis twice, Delta Halo twice and I’ve also done Regret twice but it STILL won’t register and unlock the achievement. It also won’t unlock the par score achievements when I break them!

So done Regret a third time and this time it unlocked both achievements for time and score. So weird.

interestingly enuff … if this was addressed before.

I have not started my Legendary Run …but will do doing it this coming Holidays …

I’ve beat The Great Journey in under par time on Legendary 5 times now and STILL NO ACHIEVEMENT!
Also, my Legendary times for Gravemind (done it in a few minutes over par time twice, but got the achievement on easy) have not registered and I’ll have to do it AGAIN to get the monopolized achievement, that’s IF my Legendary under par time registers for The Great Journey and also for my THIRD time through Gravemind on Legendary.
It’s really frustrating having to do a level OVER AND OVER AND OVER…

This is why I’ve all but given up on completing this game. All of my progress for Killjoys and Grenade kills were reset, my progress for Splatters, legendary medals, and environmental kills aren’t being tracked properly. Plus the same issues everyone’s having with time and scores not being tracked as well. It’s quite sad really.

I figured it out all you have to do is switch your player rival from the letter board. (Choose a time u want to aim for) then choose the view competing time and make sure the game is recording ur checkpoints

This is still an issue completes regret on legendary in 19:13 and my time is still recorded at 1:40:39. My over all time for legendary clear did drop appropriately to reflect the new personal best. However it didn’t register in “top 5 friends” or here on waypoint. I also completed gravemind in 41:07 I have screen shots of both of these mission times. They did not update afterwards waypoint shows legendary completion for it now, but it did not record a time for it, I then completed High Charity legendary solo and it record that time. At this point if the correct times were adjusted I would have the monopolized achievement.

Solution : after some digging, I found that once you enter a final “area” of a mission you cannot save and quit. You must finish the mission. When I say area I mean, ie when I get off the gondola at the temple where u fight regret. That temple is the final area, not necessarily the last checkpoint. If you save and quit after that your time will be recorded as 1:40:32. This happens most commonly in regret and gravemind bc those missions have particularly rough ends that tend to give people a hard time.