Halo 2 legendary help

Hey guys I wanted to ask if anyone is willing enough to help me beat halo 2 on legendary because I’ll admit I’m not good enough to do it alone and I really want to get the legend achievement (mainly for the helioskril) and halo 1 3 and 4 won’t be so big of an issue as Co op is more toned down obviously. I’m looking for someone who has done it before and can go through Co op easily. If I can get any feedback I’d appreciate it and please don’t tear me apart for asking for help thanks p.s I don’t have a working mic on xbox one but I can use other things like skype or I will eventually get a new mic

What missions do you need help with?

I’ll help. I’m always looking for people to do some runs.

Hey i need help too. Add me !@

Im looking to do halo 2 on legendary to my mic broke but ill play if you want or if someone else wants to do it with me just message me.
I’ll also help with halo ce need to do that to