Halo 2 IWHBYD Skull?

How do I get this skull?

Greenskull / Readu Up Live have a great walkthrough on how you can get it. Youtube is really your best resource if you get stuck :slight_smile:

Skull is a real -Yoink- to get

It’s a chain of events… and some times you have to get lucky.

It is a chance spawn. It spawns 1 in 7 times you play the level on legendary. People have created quick pathways to the skull that attempt to not screw up the spawning system. I highly recommend glitching a profile to have permanent camo. Then go to the skull. If it isn’t there start all over. If it is there, leave it and go get another checkpoint before you pick it up. Once you have the checkpoint save and quit. Then start from the checkpoint and go pick it up. Be ready for a hard battle. Even if you have the perm camo it can still be a hard fight to get through.

Finally I managed to get it, going to say that it is a 1/7 chance thing since I just kept going straight to the skull ignoring checkpoints.