Halo 2 Invincible Banshees.

I am trying to get the skulls on Halo 2, and I am on Metropolis with the Sputnik, Envy and scarab skulls on. I get to the end of the bridge and there is a banshee that I hit 14 (fourteen … one-four) times and it did not die. It killed me. I had a search for it, and this is a bug that was mention in forums back in 2006. I am all for difficult in legendary, but the damn things should at least be beatable! I decided to record the battle to see just how many times I hit it.

Anyone else had this problem?

hhm that’s weird, I don’t think ive ever seen that glitch

PS. if you want to do Halo 2 co op (on a decently easy difficulty) let me know, my gt is same as my name

2021 and it’s still happening, idk how they don’t feel ashamed, really…

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Please don’t revive old topics thanks, particularly when you have nothing of value to add.