Halo 2 in MCC crashes

A friend and I have been endeavoring to binge play all of the first 3 Halo games on legendary difficulties in the Master Chief Collection. We have already completed Halo Ce with no problems aside from slight lag affecting whoever is not hosting the party. However, playing through Halo 2 seems like an impossible task due to the egregious lag and Server crashes. We have crashed numerous times throughout the Halo 2 missions and we are now stuck on the mission oracle as we have crashed over 3 times trying to get through it. One time we were about to kill the heretic leader only for the game to freeze and lose connection. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem and specifically to Halo 2? If so is there any solution to this problem? Thank you for any responses, my friend and I wish to admire these masterpieces of games and experience all of the nostalgia while playing through them, however, this glitch makes Halo 2 makes the game frustrating, unpredictable, and frankly demoralizing to play through as at any moment all progress will be lost. Any response will be deeply Appreciated, Thank You!

Hey VietcongGorilla,

I have no solution but experienced the same problem in the 7th mission (Oracle). I have also posted some details here:


Sadly I can’t provide a fix.

Take care :slight_smile:

If you were you OP I would try in a different thread to see if you can get a helpful answer.


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