Halo 2 Hit Registration (Known Issue)

Hello I am just inquiring about when the halo 2 classic hit registration will turn from a known issue, which it has been for the past few years, to a fixed issue. It’s not on parity with the original classic multiplayer and this is a known issue in the halo support forums. Thank you.

Netcode adjustments will most likely happen (if at all) once the mod tools are mostly done. The team members who would work on those items are currently improving the mod tools. CE and H2C are the most in need for improvements in this area. Classic tournaments are still hosted on old hardware because they can’t stand the shot registration differences.

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Thank you. I really hope that is the case and something is actually done about it after they are done with the modding tools.

Halo 3 has terrible shot registration too. It’s ok when you have low ping but +50 and it starts going terrible with things like double nades, bloodshots and shield pings.

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