Halo 2 Hit Detection

Please fix the halo 2 classic hit detection. The frame rate is messed up, hit detection is the worst it has been, and melee hit detection is completely random. The game is not competitive at all. It can be done and has been done by project cartographer. Thanks.


H2 melee detection almost never works for me. I was whacking a dude with an energy sword 7 times in a row, and he turns around and smacks me 3 TIMES and kills me. lmao


Agreed. Half the time I can’t tell if my bullets are dealing damage. Hoping for a hit reg fix for both CE and H2C.


I agree, cause half the time it feels like I’m doing half the damage during fights which ends up getting me killed

H2C and CE could both use some work. The hit registration can be maddening. It’s also weird playing CE SWAT. It feels like it should be similar to Goldeneye’s “Golden Gun” mode where it’s a one shot kill yet when you shoot someone in the face, it doesn’t drop em. Like…what?


For CE: This is primarily because only the Pistol and Sniper use client-sided hit detection. However, player positions aren’t synced with the server so where you hit someone on your screen, they may not actually be according to the server. On your client, you mot definitely are shooting them in the face, but because they are lagging, you are not. If you play against someone you can tell is outside your country, lead your shots. They will begin to work when you shoot the air in front of them like in the Gearbox PC port.


With CE the magnum has spread when firing in single fire mode and boy is the spread ridiculous, like I sometimes I will see all my bullets go AROUND somebody’s head while not actually hitting them. This is why I seriously wish 343 would disable spread in social as they did in hardcore doubles.