Halo 2 Having Issues getting it to work on my xbox

Yeah i bought halo 2 today for my xbox 360, now my friend has Halo 2 as well and it works on his xbox 360, but when i put mine in to my 360 it begins to read the disk then says ‘open tray’ it wont load or anything like that and im not sure why…is there any additional data i need to some how get to put on my xbox or yeah i have no idea what todo. So help?

do you have a hard drive? i know a hard drive is required to play xbox games on a 360 but i’ve never tried w/o it so i’m not sure what error it gives you.

Yes, both a harddrive and a connection to Xbox LIVE are needed to play Original Xbox games on the Xbox 360. The harddrive is needed to store the specific file that allows emulation of Halo 2 (in this case). The LIVE connection is required to download that file from Xbox LIVE so you can emulate the game.

So, my recommendation would be to ensure your console has a harddrive and then connect your console to Xbox LIVE. At this point, sign into Xbox LIVE and insert the Halo 2 disc. You should then be prompted for a game update from Xbox LIVE that will enable you to play the game.