Halo 2 has the Best Soundtrack

Halo 2 has the best soundtrack in my opinion. Some people may think is one of the other halo games which has the best soundtrack, but Halo 2 introduced most of that music to the later games. As for Halo CE, Halo 2 did use a lot of their music in the soundtrack, and I think they improved the theme with the MJOLNIR mix, but some people like the original theme. But in my opinion I believe Halo 2 does have the best soundtrack.

There are a couple tracks, In Amber Clad being one of them, that I really like from H2. H3 felt like 2 and CE made sweet Sarge love with each other and the piano pieces were my favourite there. I just felt overall, it was more elevator ambiance in 2 and “for the sake of” in 3. But this is criticism from love and not to be taken negatively. I love Incubus (seen them soo many times) but their take wasn’t my take. Breaking Benj rarely got a moment to play after the first playthrough. And you should see the montage of Halo clips in my head when So Cold plays. In retrospect, maybe it’s an ODST song :wink:

But as far as love and best. CE is still #1. The grunge to the guitar was never recaptured in future releases. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Steve Vai fan, but he was too clean :wink: Covenant Dance, such a playful yet determined beat and my fav. And on Silent C, when the guy-tar kicks in after the Foehammer conversation, that gives me tingles. Man I could go on about CE and how almost every piece worked for me. I’m a Metroid fan too and CE’s ambient purpose pieces were great when used. Almost ironic, considering a statement above.

Honestly, CE, ODST and Reach had pieces that may not have fit every single FF or situation but to me they fit oh so close. Loved the jazz and blues influence in ODST and I got the reference for its intended use. Skyline was one hell of a ride. Very “Halo and Brutish,” yet playful to start. Then suddenly the tone changes to a more determined beat. Surprise is over, gettin’ the hell out of Dodge is priority 1. Then suddenly, Endgame, the beat lets you know it, a hurtin’ is ahead. And then the guitar riffing throughout… awesome.

After hearing ODST and remembering my CE experience, I can tell you’re an 80’s man Marty. Watch much Lethal Weapon? :wink:

Oh onto Reach. I loved Reach’s pieces. mmmmm Reach’s pieces. To me, it was Halo. It wasn’t the Chief’s music but it was Halo music. The funky and mysteriously synthesized Nightfall (made me miss exploring Forerunner tech and finding a surprise). The guitar into-outros and occasional choir mix scattered throughout almost every piece. When Marty spoke of the chords he was focusing on, I knew to expect a Persian tone. Was it intentional to the battle of Thermopylae or just a new branch along the same path?

Not sure but I have burnt myself out on the music :D. Gonna go listen to some more.

It’s right up there with Wars and ODST.

1 and ODST had the best I think. Halo 2’s was good, as long as you don’t count all that Incubus and other crap as part of the soundtrack… that ruined it!

I haven’t listened to the Wars track but the ODST was to sad sounding which is fine for what was going on I suppose but for kicking butt and taking names game play I loved Halo 2. Maybe it was the Incubus that everyone seemed to hate so much. I love all the Halo soundtracks so much I built a station on Slacker Radio, Pandora, and FM Radio for O’Donnell.

H2 as the second-best soundtrack, The best one still is ODST’s. :slight_smile:

I actually agree with this. Songs like Impend, In Amber Clad, High Charity, Peril… I even liked the Blow Me Away track that played during that massive battle in the Mausoleum, it really suited the situation very well. Plus most of the soundtrack was literally brand new, there were only one or two remakes and even then, they were completely redone up to the extent where they were brand new tracks in their own right. Just look at the difference between “A Walk in the Woods” from Halo CE and then compare it to “Heretic, Hero” from Halo 2 for an example.

> I don’t know dude, Reach and ODST’s soundtracks are pretty amazing…
> In all honesty though, all of the Halo’s have amazing soundtracks.
> EDIT: We Remember is simply magical…

I actually really enjoyed some of the tracks that Reach had… However, I felt that it was a bit too repetitive IMO.

I honestly found them all enjoyable. halo 2 OST is the only one that felt necessary to have on my itouch though.

Halo 2 Peril is simply amazing, remember storming Delta Halo with that…just quintessential halo if ask me.

Halo 3 This is Our Land after about 45 seconds is great.

Teh chants from Halo 4 trailer at the very end, by 343 skywalker orchestra.

Reach winter contingency is solid too.

I didn’t really like ODST soundtrack much to be honest, I’m not a big blues/jazz fan though.

Oh and the dorian based Halo 3 trailer is epic!

Nothing can beat Halo 2’s soundtrack.


Well, speak of the devil. I just so happen to be listening to Halo 2’s soundtrack right before I found this thread. I’m listening to the Epilogue theme which play during the credits :3

I’ve frequently been going onto youtube and just loading up Halo playlists to listen to while I’m cruising the forums and what not. One guy actually has around 5 hours worth of Halo CE - 3 Soundtrack in one video. I think I only made it about 2 hours in before I fell (it put me?) asleep. The soundtracks alone remind me of why I love Halo…they just invoke those memories and epic moments from the campaign. It would be hard for me to pick my favorite of all of them because they’re all amazing, but I’d probably have to lean toward one of the first ones. The tracks are just so perfect, I’m not sure how to describe it. Thank you Marty!

i like all the halo soundtracks


I totally agree. Second best OST goes to ODST, which was dark, compelling, and highly emotional. It had a really distinct feel to it compared to the other Halo soundtracks and I think that’s what made it so special for me.