I would like to start off saying i love Instalation 4. But then i was thinking about Halo 2 briefly. Wouldn’t it be great to take a section of an mission, turn it into firefight like done in CEA. Two of the best choices (I think) would be the first and/or second mission.

The mission where the covenant invades that orbital mac station thing is a great choice. the firefight map could take place at the last part when you defuse the bomb or more towards the beggining in the hanger with the pelican (of course you’d make them both a bit bigger) but think about that, fighting in those areas…I cant stress enough how awesome that would be.

The second mission is also great. You start from leaving the crashed pelican into the alley way/street area. Phantoms constantly swoop by dropping enemies and Hunters burst through walls. The map is open and takes place in New Mombasa, speaking of new mombasa im still suprise crater isn’t in halo reach, ODST maps should be place along with Halo 2 maps.

If you really think about the setting it could work. Please give me your thoughts and hopefully we can make it a reality, firefight forever!

PS. hope i wasnt confusing, i can clear things up if you cant understand :slight_smile:



Splendid idea. I’d say the first area in Delta Halo, albeit with some adjustments.