Halo 2 E3 demo or Halo 2 Anniversary

Alright so I know Halo 2 Anniversary was denied. Which due to the fact that “no one was working on such thing.” But how about this. I wanted to play the Halo 2 E3 demo since the first time I saw it. Every day I come home from school and I would watch this E3 demo from my Xbox. Then that would motivate me to play more Halo CE. Then when Halo 2 finally came out. The overall gameplay was completely different and that somehow led to disappointment. Though I still liked Halo 2 in the long run. The multiplayer was awesome but simple. The campaign was alright. But the Halo 2 demo from E3 just never made it into the game. Now I heard the code for the Halo 2 E3 demo still works, and I was wondering if we the fans would want something like this released to the public to play. So please 343 make it happen. Just make it downloadable for the Xbox 360 I would really want to play it. I’ll even pay for the privilege to actually get the chance.


  • Steve

I agree. When I first saw that demo, I REALLY wanted it to be in-game, because it just made Halo look better than it already was. I liked the idea of looking around that first staging area, looking at how many casualties there were during the demo. I’ve always wished that the demo was part of the game, and would’ve gladly traded the Mombasa mission for the demo.

As much as I hate Halo 2, I’d love to try the demo

The demo was amazing but again it was heavily scripted in some areas.