Halo 2 does not work in co-op

To whom it may concern,
Half of the campaign does not work when playing co-op.

Metropolis - There is a chance of a crash on the bridge at the beginning. The only way through this is to drive the warthog over the bridge as fast as you can, only killing enemies that are absolutely necessary.

Oracle - Several cutscenes have a chance of crashing, unless you skip them as soon as you can.

Delta Halo - You have to speedrun 90% of this level, starting from when you drive the warthog towards the bridge that needs to be lowered.

Quarantine Zone - When you get to the first large outdoor area, there is a chance of it crashing.

I’ve looked for answers regarding these issues, and from what I’ve found, it happens for lots of other people as well. One theory is that it has something to do with wraiths and scorpions being present. This might be true, but if it is, then it’s inconsistent. We’ve killed the first wraith on the bridge in Metropolis, and it still crashed. We’ve fought through the first two wraiths on Delta Halo without a crash, but then had it crash in the next area, without a wraith (but with lots of other vehicles). Even choosing to not drive a scorpion doesn’t change anything. Halo 2 on co-op is inconsistent at best on any level involving a ton of vehicles (I guess Oracle is an edge case), which is almost half the game.

The levels I listed are just the ones I’ve had personal experience with. Many people cannot complete most of the other maps in co-op for the same reasons. Regret is a common one (it worked for me, though). Uprising and The Great Journey are two others that I’m dreading because, while I really enjoy them, I know it’s going to be an absolute crapshoot as to whether or not I’ll be able to play them.

I really enjoy playing this game, but if the only way to play it is by speedrunning all the massive levels, then it’s not worth it.

Is there an easy way to get this in front of 343? I’m not sure how often they browse the forums, but I think it’s an important issue, and it renders Halo 2 co-op completely unplayable.



try submitting a ticket. but many others including myself already have. it seems 343 has no interest in fixing co-op. its been broken for years in the exact way you describe.

What platform are you both on and are you playing in classic or anniversary graphics? Also, are you in the same household or not?

in my case, PC, either graphics mode does this. not in the same household.

This seems to be a known issue - at least everyone I do co-op with starts H2 knowing its likely to fail at any point. Would be better if it was actually stable, but the UI cant handle it (or insert other 343 meme here).