Halo 2 DLC Maps

Where can I DL them again? Can’t quite remember and would like to get them on my HDD for LAN games.


You need the Multiplayer Map Pack disc in order to install them. However, the Blastacular Map Pack can no longer be downloaded as you had to get it from Live before the servers were shut down.

I’ve been looking everywhere for Blastacular! Even for torrents of some kind, but to no avail.
How can a game content be unavailable like that?

Hey I may be a little late on this thread but I have the halo 2 map pack disk and I am willing to part with it. PM me if you are interested. I may be slow to reply btw, so patience is appreciated. ;D

google “offline installer” it has all DLC and 1.1 + 1.5 updates with a bunch of gametypes like for example Zombies :slight_smile:

unfortunately you need a modded xbox to run the installer soooo… :confused: