Halo 2 Customization

Halo 2 Classic is the only game on MCC to have not received any love to its customization. Let’s change that.

So far the only thing new, is poses! Such an awe-inspiring feature, truly. Some of you may say, that the Halo 2 code is sooooo broken it can’t be fixed. Which is untrue. Stop relying on what your favorite YouTuber says and look at it yourself. 343i is competent enough to program on Halo 2, they have done it before. Including model rigging for poses as mentioned.

When Halo 2 broke, and you couldn’t start a custom game, someone went in and fixed, they have done this to many H2 bugs, clearly 343i has some understanding of it, and if modders can do whatever they want to H2, so can a paid employee at 343i.

Halo 2 added a bunch of new armors in the campaign that could be transferred to multiplayer.
Honor Guard

None of those elite armors are in any of the other games multiplayer, why waste them?

343i is able to add these to the game, and they should. A lot of people that play H2 would enjoy these features. I know I’d only play as an elite if I could rock Honor Guard. Why not?

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Apparently, they actually have a lot of cut Halo 2: Classic content in the pipeline already.

There’s going to be a new mini warthog even!

Whenever they plan to release it might be when they’re planning to release the campaign Elite armors as “new cosmetics.” If they completely drop the ball on that though, I will definitely be pretty heated. You are right. It’s a slam dunk!

where did you here about the mini warthog thing? i’d love to have more halo 2 content, but i haven’t heard anything about more customization coming soon.

Look up their development blog posts! They shared a picture of a mini warthog awhile back alongside other cut content. It’s a one-seater that they’ve given new animations to in Blender apparently.

No idea when or how it’s going to drop. I’m imagining there’s going to be a special playlist where modded maps with cut content are going to be showcased. But that’s just a wild guess.

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These are the articles @RotaryDiagram4 is referring to above:




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Just to clarify a lot if not all of the dig site content will be made available to modders. The tags/assets will most likely be made available via the Steam workshop. Retail copies of the game will NOT get the mini hog or H2 Earth city demo.

The remade demo will be for mcc so it can be played on any version of mcc. Think of that level as a dlc for h2

No it won’t. The MCC team has already laid down the expectation that the demo won’t be coming to Xbox any time soon if at all. It will be released more like a mod then official DLC. It will no doubt be amazing to check out it, but it will NOT be made available for retail copies. No EAC support, no achievement or stat support, no console support. The same can be said for almost all other dig site content unless otherwise specified.

Boo, that’s lame tho :confused:

And yeah, I thought I read the H2 Demo would get stat support!

mods in the vista days already gave us different armors , that also counts for halo ce , moders have long far surpased simple visorcolors


At the very least, all of the customization available to Halo CE (I.E. Visors, Weapon and Vehicle Skins, etc.) should be available for Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer.

As for that 2003 E3 Demo for Halo 2, the Extras Section would be the perfect place for that bit of content IMO.