Halo 2 co-op campaign is bugged

So when one of us dies, the game restarts to the last checkpoint. Basically, it acts as if the iron skull is on.

If you are playing on legendary, then it’s not a glitch but exactly how it was intended.

oh never knew that. silly me Thanks!

Regret and Quartine Zone is bugged, game either crashes or desychronize you when playing online co-op.

Was playing co-op on Halo 2 Quarantine Zone with a friend on legendary (not on the legendary playlist), game desychronized us. Shows us in each other games, but in our own separate games. Game still showed my buddie with me and vice versa, but we were in two different games with the other being controlled by a dummy ai which can only move in one direction and nothing else. If it dies, iron kicks in and we go back to the old checkpoint but at the same time the score from each others games still count together but in our own games we dont get a restart checkpoint if the other player dies in ther game. Only when the dummy ai that shows the other player dies do we hit a restart checkpoint. It happens the moment we enter the wraiths open field area. We just getting depressed over our inability to play Halo 2 co-op online without running into bugs like these.

Halo 2 legendary playlist on co-op (Regret) is bugged. Game freezes/crashes either during the boss fight or at the cutscene after regret dies. Regret legendary on co-op works fine when you play it the old fashioned way. Playlist needs some patching to prevent the game from crashing on that mission, for me and my friend attempted to do that mission on the playlist 12 times before we said screw it and loaded up the mission the old way and finally got passed Regret on legendary.

why don’t you fix this bug already ?