Halo 2 Co-op broken still

My brother and I spent an hour trying to resume the Halo 2 campaign in co-op. This means that once upon a patch it actually did work.

No matter who was the host, we would get the loading screen for the level, Delta Halo in this case though we tried others, then get a generic loading screen, then get kicked to the main menu with a message saying, “You have lost your connection to the game session.”

The weird thing is, we could start Halo 3 co-op just fine.

So when did Halo 2 co-op break and is it fixable via a workaround? Or do we have to wait for the next patch?

Well the latest patch fixes the muilplayer and it works now but that doesn’t means that they ignore the halo 2 co-op mode im sure they working on it along with odd bugs during in stroy mode

It’s not just halo 2. It’s all of them. Just tried A halo 3 3 player co-op and had slow mo lag effect the whole time. but it’ll get there. Till then. time to knock out some more halo legendary solo

Me an my friend were able to make it through the first 2 levels on the legendary playlist but it just won’t load metropolis. It also won’t load it from the normal Halo 2 mission select. We tried doing cross game playlist with a halo 2 mission in it and it loaded it! So frustrating.