Halo 2 co-op and multiplayer issues with H4 update

Ever since the Halo 4 update, Halo 2 has been having some bugs for me. Some missions aren’t able to play co-op, such as Outskirts and Delta Halo (it takes forever to load, and once we do load we aren’t in the same game despite still being in a lobby together).
Secondly, Halo 2 takes ages to load now. I don’t know what happened but when H4 came in, it can take up to a few minutes to load into a level on H2, even on singleplayer. It goes over to multiplayer as well, whenever I join a game in H4 or HReach I don’t load in as fast as I used to, the game will be started long before I spawn. Doesn’t happen on Spartan Ops or campaign.
Also on Halo 4, sometimes we’ll just… randomly die. For no reason, nothing was shooting us. We just randomly fall over and die, with no enemy or fire in sight.

Anyone else been having issues like these and if there’s any fixes? I feel like 343i may have rushed Halo 4 out a little bit.