Halo 2 Classic OST is Too Quiet!

As someone who loves Halo 2’s original soundtrack, this has been an issue I’ve had for a couple years now: Halo 2 Classic mode has an extremely quiet soundtrack, whereas H2A is at a reasonable volume. This makes the classic mode both frustrating and underwhelming to listen to. I no longer own my original copy of Halo 2 but I don’t think this was ever an issue; also, I don’t really know if this matter is being discussed as much as it should! Here are some suggestions/ideas I have to fix the problem:

  • Simply increase the volume of the classic soundtrack to match that of the anniversary’s. - Allow us the option to adjust in-game music volume for each game/mode (also make sure each game’s settings are in sinc with one another). - Plus it would be kinda cool if we could listen to the H2 classic soundtrack while in anniversary mode like we could in Halo CEA.

I’m totally with you on being able to listen to the original H2 soundtrack while also playing with the beautiful new graphics. Would be awesome, fingers crossed 343 can hopefully implement this at some point!