Halo 2 classic distortion

For about a year now Halo 2 classic has had visual and even audio issues during the campaign.Anything that blows up or flares an energy shield SPIKES WILDLY in every direction causing visual noise to scatter across the actual length of the map for a second or two, and sometimes I have to completely leave and restart a mission to get it to stop. Tonight is the worst it’s been and I haven’t seen anyone else talk about it in the past.Also, in 2014 til recently Halo 2 had it’s audio increased so that character dialogue was “in your ear” as if they were next to you despite being far away or over comms. Now it’s like the Xbox doesn’t even pick up they are speaking unless you stand directly next to them, facing them. As well as the general audio from guns and fx seem to be quitter. It’s hard to explain, but it sounds like original Xbox quality audio rather then the enhanced modern audio we had at launch.Anyway the distortion for the graphics is annoying and sometimes it’s unplayable. Literally the game map is filled with an object having a seizure with spikes of visual distortion reaching as far as the game will let it. Is anyon still owe experiencing this? I have an Xbox 1 S.