I just got the master chief collection for my xbox one just after christmas. I’ve had nothing but problems since installing the game. Every halo game works for me EXCEPT HALO 2 ON ANY MODE. I’m not one for multiplayer and wanted to run through all the halo games in campaign mode. When I try to load anything on halo 2 the loading screen will show followed by the music and the graphic in the lower right hand corner cutting in and out of sync. This goes on for a minute or so then it crashes and brings me to the home screen. I paid a good amount of money for this collection and really feel disappointed that I’m stuck with a $60 coaster. I just want to play Halo 2, after all, I did pay for it.

I had a problem with halo 2 campaign where the screen did not show up and all I had is sound what I was told was to push the button where to change from classic to anniversary.And the picture showed up.Hope that helps you out.They suppose to have a content update coming up this weak maybe that will help your issue.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can’t get any mode at all to work in halo 2 otherwise I’d give that a shot. It seems everyone can at least load a game as to where I can’t even get off the load screen. I’d even be happy with just seeing a cinematic to see if it works but I’m not even granted that. If the next update doesn’t address this at all I’m stuck with having to sell my copy of the game and I didn’t want to have to do that. I’ve never seen a game where you couldn’t play the campaign right off the bat. I know that there are issues being fixed but this is something that should never ever happen to anyone.

This is very interesting. It is possible that one of the updates or the actual game files were installed to your console in a corrupted fashion. I hate to say it, but if you installed the game files that were present on your disk, you may either have to reinstall the files or just delete them from your Xbox One hard drive entirely. It’s not 100% guaranteed that your disc isn’t faulty, even if the game had no flaws, so if worse comes to worst and no amount of deleting and reinstalling does anything to help, you may want to go back to a game store and exchange your copy for another. I hope this helps you, and I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having these kind of issues.

Thanks for the response. I’ve re-installed, uninstalled, you name it. I think I’m just better off giving this game away, that’s how much of a headache this whole experience has been.