halo 2 campaign feedback

For anyone who works for 343 industries this is for you to read please.

Okay I really like the remastered halo 2 BUT i have a few issues with it.

  • First off I would like to be able to play the halo 2 campaign with the remastered graphics and listen to the original music playing in the background because honestly the remastered music is crap it doesn’t compare to the original and for me that is part of what made halo such a good game is the music. You did a great job with that in the halo combat evolved anniversary so if you can please update that PLEASE thank you - Next I have been noticing glitches throughout the whole campaign. I’m sure this won’t be hard to fix and I know this will get done eventually.- The A.I. in the game is pretty dumb in the halo 2 campaign. They seem to think that you are invisible half the time and do not pay attention to you right away (in the original game I notice the A.I. being smarter and aggressive) this includes ally A.I. as well. Whenever you run into an ally they might follow for a minute or two but then they just stand still and they won’t move at allNow I don’t know if you guys were rushed to finish this game or it was some other problem but I hope you guys will be able to fix these issues (The most important of them all is the first thing I talked about!!!). And for the halo 3 anniversary make sure that players are able to change between the music and the graphics before they start playing a mission and also I rather have the cut scenes made with the in game graphics because which ever studio you had do that for you did not nail it (maybe 70% good).

But thank you for making this game and I hope over time this game will get better

I couldn’t agree more.

I like how the original music is so much better (even though it’s played off the same sheet music that Marty wrote) and crucial for the nostalgia … but only with the new graphics. Not that I disagree with having the option to do what you’re asking, it’s just silly reasoning. Just say “I only want this because it isn’t available”.

But moreover, it isn’t possible. Not with them having tied it to the switch button. If one thing changes, it all changes. But personally, mixing the two is weird. I never did it in CEA: it was old graphics & old music, or new & new. That way you can instantly see and hear ten years of video game evolution.

Although, I have noticed the AI being lazy. They hang back and do nothing until you hit a checkpoint, then they run up to the check point and proceed to stand there until you reach the next one.

MrMartini85-- I know that is how you like to experience the anniversary of this game but for part of what makes this game so great is the original music. When i first played through the halo 2 campaign with new graphics and music it all looked very nice but I was not as excited as I thought I would have been. And recently I started playing the halo 2 story again with everything on the original settings and i get that excited feeling when I play it and to me it is disappointing when the anniversary is not just as exciting as the original. (I also notice there are bug in the original as well).

well what i seen ingame when i have envy skulls on as masterchief u can still can see his legs and can see ammo inside the shotgun and brute shot