Halo 2 Campaign Crashing and Online Co-Op Issues

The MCC has a bug where certain missions or an entire campaign will refuse to load and will crash MCC entirely upon immediately hitting the loading screen. Mission “Outskirts” and onward will crash if you try to start then via the menu or just finishing up Cairo Station and hit the loading screen for Outskirts. This bug happened before in the past, and it seems as though it has returned. So far I’m the only one experiencing this issue compared to an entire discord I told this to on several occasions. I uninstalled Halo 2’s campaign and reinstalled it, but the issue persisted. I tried reinstalling all of MCC and it still continued. At this point, Halo 2’s campaign is now rendered unusable, however, all of the other campaigns are still playable.

On a side note, this next bug has happened for quite a while now. I’ve been recieving a lot of connection issues when playing with someone on all of the Halo campaigns, eventually leading to either me or the people who joined to all disconnect at random points. We all use ethernet cables or are right next to our routers, yet the issue persists.

I don’t know how long these issues have remained, but I hope they are fixed soon. I want to play Halo 2 again.

I am experiencing a similar bug but I am playing local coop / split screen. Halo 2 will crash mid way through the mission. I can play single player without any issues but we prefer to play coop. 343 needs to fix these issues.

Having the same issue. Tried reinstalling both the individual campaign and the entire game itself no fix.
Just want monopolized achievement to pop for me :frowning: