Halo 2 Campaign Crashing after saving and quitting

I have been experiencing a major issue with the Halo 2 campaign. Anytime I save and quit out of a mission, the game crashes. I get a message that says “The Master Chief Collection has stopped working.” I can continue from one mission to the next without issue. This issue does not seem to occur with the Halo CE or Reach campaigns. It also does not occur after multiplayer matches. As far as I can tell, no one else has reported this particular issue. I have verified the game’s files through steam, but the crashing issue still persists. It only crashes upon saving and quitting from a Halo 2 campaign mission. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Same problem. Click Save/Quit and will sometimes fade white but then just black. Have to close with Task Manager because it never recovers.

I was hoping that the hotfix for MCC would fix this issue, but unfortunately it is still occurring for me. Any attempt to save and quit from a Halo 2 campaign mission still crashes the game.

In the same boat here, H2A keeps crashing/not responding when quitting missions, none of the other games on pc so far do this.

This keeps happening, almost every other save/quit. Its infuriating.

Got the same issue here, Save/Quit from missions can just cause the game to black screen and crash, can only close it via Task Manager. LASO becomes another level of unbearable when you have to restart MCC just to get another attempt at the mission.