Halo 2 Campaign Co-op Crash/Diconnects

Alright, this is quite enough.

This needs to get fixed ASAP, or this is going to be a BBB thing for advertising a product that in fact does not function as advertised. Its been years. Rebuild the whole thing if you have to, or put it up front that co op on the MCC is only for halo 1, 3, 4, Reach and ODST. Pick one. But this false advertising stuff isn’t okay… It’s malicious.

I’m giving this a month. If we don’t get an update, I’m just going to have everyone I know that has the game report this.

This is one of my favoeite gaming franchises, and seeing how this has been handled is more than disappointing.

It honestly seems like its gotten worse. Its practically down to a coin toss if I can even finish a mission on H2 CoOp with how often it crashes.

I have the same exact issue as you trying to play online with a buddy for almost a year waiting on this stupid fix, playing through all the Halo games in canonical order then crashes on Halo 2 Oracle every time we try it. This is disgustingly sad support from the makers to not fix yet.

For what it’s worth, I am having a constant crash in single player from Delta Halo onwards, can’t even get past the loading screen. reading this thread has blown my mind