Halo 2 Campaign Co-op Crash/Diconnects

Halo 2 is campaign coop is still completely broken especially on levels that include big vehicles such as scorpions and wraiths. This has been an issue for years and I know (based on going through and counting the number of people who have said to have submitted a ticket) that this has been reported via the ticket system hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

It’s also been posted to the forums countless times, yet it’s not even in the list of Known Bugs for H2 on MCC.

Is there ever going to be a fix for this so I can play the game I paid for with my friends?

At what point does a broken and unplayable game constitute fraud on behalf of the game publisher?

Can we please get an update on these issues other than the standard ticket response of “we have no solution for this bug and we have no idea when it will be fixed?”


My friend and I have been replaying all of the games. Reach and Halo CE were fine on the MCC, but Halo 2 crashes constantly in co-op. It does appear to be on levels with lots of vehicles. We have also noticed that it crashes sometimes at the beginning of cutscenes, such as in The Oracle.

This makes the game barely playable. It is not a fun experience to go through half of a level on co op Legendary Mode and have to redo everything due to constant crashing. Halo 2 is way too good of a game for this to keep happening.


With you on this. It’s staggering that it’s 2022 and halo 2 coop is still barely functioning. The most annoying part is just the lack of anything from 343 in regards to these issues. I know infinite is the priority right now, but when these are issues that have been around basically since launch, you NEED to do something about it. Incredibly frustrating to lose legendary/laso progress because the game throws a tantrum.


Making the issue even worse is the 1717 people viewing this post and as of 5 minutes ago, still an issue.

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The latest patch notes say that stability has been improved for longer sessions. Hopefully this should clear up the coop desyncs.

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Half of the levels are constantly crashing in the co-op. We reached the last mission and… “The Great Journey” is completely unplayable from a start :frowning:

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Just had the game crash twice in Coop on Delta halo as soon as the banshees start firing on us after lowering the bridge with the wraiths. Super annoying since the game wont save coop checkpoints


Nephew and I have been playing Halo 2 CE coop online mostly fine. There were some levels that we got through no problems, some that we had a few hitches and disconnects but were able to finish, but Quarantine… Quarantine… That level haunts my dreams. Absolutely COULD NOT make it to the second cutscene without a disconnect. We tried a lot, but nothing worked: restarting the game, restarting our pcs, updating our graphics drivers, reverting to old graphics drivers, running the game in lowest settings possible, running the game without EAC, not skipping cutscenes, not using the Scorpion at all, running the game in OG graphics from the rip and not skipping cutscenes, running the game with the exact same settings on both our systems… nothing worked. We just said screw it and now we are going through Solo to see if the next level does the same thing.

This is an absolutely tragedy. 343 worked so hard on getting this game to work and it mostly does. Its a much better game than it was at launch. However, there are still so many game breaking bugs like this that make the game unplayable that I still in May 2022 cannot recommend people buying this game unless they wanted to play Solo.

If there are further problems, I guess the only option is to skip playing coop on Halo 2 and move on to the next game on your list. The rest seem to be working fine for the most part.

Same here, there’s a specific ghost where, every time it explodes, my connection or game crashes. Three times consecutively, the exact same ghost.

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I’ve lost about 13 hours of my life to replaying Delta. Finally got passed it and now me and a friend are stuck on the last mission which either drops us 5-mins into the mission or just before the cutscene to fight Tartarus. I think I’ve put more hours into trying to fix halo than actually play it…NAT open fix, netsh command prompts, group policy editor for windows 10 to address teredo, port forwarding on friend’s computer who is not computer-savy, toggling dmz, static ip address fix, halo settings-60fps cap, lowest settings possible, classic mode, etc. Doesn’t matter what it is, random drops still occur. We are near giving up on the last mission after sinking 9 hours into it on legendary.

For the love of god, please fix this, I did not pay for a broken game and I dont want to play it solo, I want to finish the game with my friend! We have tried so many things by now, there were multiply updates, but the issue persists, we tried caping the FPS to 60, that did not help either. Why isin’t there a fix yet!

Interestingly avoiding killing the ghosts at the first bridge completely stopped the crashing on this mission. Pretty embarrassing for 343.

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Keeping this thread alive to remind everyone it’s still a problem. Unplayable.

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I’m glad you reminded me - the ghosts at the bridge aren’t the only ones that crashed the game for me (thanks FFA_Panda, your tip worked!) , but an additional one in the temple area, the last area where the Scorpion Tank can fit. Thank you for reminding me, I’ll need to add this to my support ticket.

First Delta Halo and now Quarantine Zone. This is so very frustrating. I have a top end rig, best of the best back in 01/2022, but my son and I cannot play H2a without frequent crashing and having to restart on Legendary sucks.

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I am trying to play the campaign with my friend and its really freaking annoying with all the crashes. PLS FIX!!!

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I’m pretty sure that a big part of why this stuff happens is because the Halo campaigns in MCC use peer-to-peer host servers instead of the dedicated servers that the multiplayer PvP modes use. Peer-to-Peer host servers generally have less stability than dedicated ones.

If 343 were able to migrate the campaigns over to dedicated servers, that would go a long way towards resolving this type of issue. Although it would probably be a considerable undertaking. And we all know how much 343 struggles with big objectives. Still, it would be the MCC team’s responsibility and they’ve generally proven to be more competent than their Halo Infinite counterparts in the last few years, so fingers crossed.

I have been replaying Delta Halo with a friend for so long and we kept thinking it was his PC that could not handle the game. It’s his first time playing experiencing Halo and wants to finish this wonderful game. It’s unfortunate that this issue still persists after so many patches and after we upgrade his PC. I’m a HUGE Halo fan and want others to experience CO-OP like the good old days. It’s disappointing to hear that others are having the same issue.

Utterly baffled that this still hasn’t been fixed. Assumed it would have been with so many updates since I’d last played Halo 2 coop – just tried playing it with someone for their first time, and the game keeps booting us out.

Genuinely cannot get past the bridge on Metropolis without it kicking us out every time. Don’t understand how 343 hasn’t fixed this yet, let alone even addressed it publicly with the amount of tickets and complaints being sent their way.

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Adding onto this pile. Trying to get through the mission Oracle with a friend and we cannot seem to make it through without the game crashing or disconnecting someone. Playing on a Series X and friend is on a One. Made it through the earlier missions fine before the patch.