Halo 2 Arbiter Toy

So the achievement for the Arbiter toy won’t unlock for me. It doesn’t say “Done, unlocking…” or anything. The toy also reappears everytime I load the checkpoint. It’s pretty much acting like I’m not picking the toy up. Kind of sick of all these achievement problems, really hoping this is fixed soon.

Seriously? Not a single person cares about a broken achievement?

Theirs a lot of things broken with both the campaign, online co-op, and with some achievements, etc. We can’t do anything about your problem, but 343 can. It’s not that people don’t care about a broken achievement, its just the fact that we have come to expect that 343 will not address or fix these problems anytime soon based on 343’s history of dealing with this games problems. These problems and others have been posted on these forums since November, and 343 has just ignored most of them. We still waiting on fixes for problems first reported back in November. My advice for you is either restart that entire mission and try and grab the toy again or just sit back and hope 343 decides to patch the game to fix your problem.