Halo 2 Anniversery 1 - 50 Ranking System

So it was announced live on stage at E3 that " halo 2 Anniversary will contain the original Halo 2 multiplayer exactly as it shipped ten years ago " But when asked in an IGN interview about the 1 - 50 ranking system they avoided the question with " we cant talk about that right now but from what you have just said you should be pleased with what we have done already " something along those lines.

To me I think that there won’t be a ranking system because they avoided the question.

343 did the same thing when asked about halo 4’s ranking system and look how that turned out.

we all know what Frankie think’s about visible rank’s in game.

If there is no visible 1-50 ranking system then I won’t be buying the game never mind a new xbox.

And I’m sure that there are many other people that won’t get the game also.

Game mode specific ranking system is a shame. I want a progression system with icons. I really don’t care what time of ranking system they have as long as it’s something.

That’s really shallow to not buy a game because you can’t have your high little number next to your name to compare to other people.
What use is it? How much does it REALLY affect gameplay?
I can understand why people would want this, it’s a handy feature to see the kind of ground you’re stepping on and how good in general the opposition will be. But to pass up on a great deal with great games because it MAY not have this? I don’t know how, as a fan of Halo, you couldn’t buy this.

Disapointment/frustration is understandable if they omit this, but not buying the game entirely for that reason is just shallow.

And I think 343 has learned their lesson concerning ranking systems. CSR was quite poor, and I don’t know too many people that actually care about it (or know it exsists due to it’s waypoint exclusivity).
I’m going to have hope 343 is going to implement a smarter/better ranking system in future installments.

Some people care about a ranking system, some people don’t. Personally, I find the use of a ranking system is to get (as close to) equal skill-matchups. It can get a bit boring if you stomp the other team easily every game. As a competitive person, I really like ranked play, because it tells me how good I am compared with the others. I want to brag and I want to get that certain level, it adds replay value for me. When I first played Halo (started with H2), I was scared to lose my 21 for example. Eventually got to 37 (epic colors) and I was proud of me achieving my favorite rank.

That’s a big reason for me to hope that a good ranking system will return in Halo.

I take it you didn’t play Halo 2 epicgoomby?

I believe that the actual statement was that if you liked Halo 2’s ranking then you’ll be pleased with what they are implementing for anniversary.


> I believe that the actual statement was that if you liked Halo 2’s ranking then you’ll be pleased with what they are implementing for anniversary.

This. And may I say if something as small as that is going to impact your decision to buy the MCC that’s incredibly petty.

I have bought and played every Halo game from 1 up to 4 and enjoyed singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op on them all. so no I’m not shallow…

What really made Halo stand out from the crowd was how competitive it was because of the Halo 2 ranking system… it was perfect.

The way it matched you with and against other players of similar skill level.

It forced you to get " better " at the game.

Some of those intense game’s I still remember today.

Why is it when the 1 - 50 ranking system is mentioned certain people think that it’s all about " that " number next to your name that you can brag about.

No it’s not.

It was the skill system and like I have already mentioned the way it matched you and given you those amazing intense moment’s that you didn’t get in ANY other game around that time.

Let me just mention that I’m no MLG pro or I’m not amazing at the game ( But have been told of other player’s that I am good at the game haha. )

Maybe it is a bit harsh of me to say " I’m not going to buy it without the ranking system " but I love this game and I only want the best for us competitive players!

^this. I’ve played halo ever since it came out. the old halo 2 ranking system is by far the best system out of all the halo games. it was literally true skill. in halo 3 you could play some just absolutely terrible 50’s. those people would have never made it past level 25 in halo 2. having a ranking system is crucial because it gets real boring whenever you play against terrible people all day like in halo 4. I actually like playing against people that are on my skill level. no ranking system literally gives you nothing to strive for. i could just go into a game and not give a care in the world whether i lose or win. on the other hand, halo 2’s ranking system gave you something to strive for every single day, and that was trying to win, and to move up levels.

you just really had to experience halo 2 online to really understand what us old heads are trying to say.

also, hopefully clans come back :confused: those were another great thing about halo 2 that just made the gaming experience that much more fun.

GibscN says it all. Very much agreed.

I agree with the OP on everything… Apart from buying it. I’ll buy regardless of the ranking system they implement, but, I do hope they cater for competstive players like myself and many others and also the more social player.

A ranking system for each game 1-50 in each playlist then a seperate social playlist where you can still earn exp, easy enough to do, then an overall progression rank improved by exp earned across all the games multiplayer matchmaking.

Doest sound to hard that? ^^^ Caters for everyone

I’d rather they just kept the original ranking systems and keep them within their own games but since that’s not happening I hope they do create a good one. It doesn’t put me off the MMC though but I would rather they kept it the same.