Halo 2 Anniversary underrated?

My opinion: Halo 2 Anniversary totally underrated. Let’s talk a little guys…
Halo 2 Anniversary BTB seems completely dead. And I really don’t get why… Someone says because lack maps variety, someone else says because of bad lighting. Try to make an objective comparison between Halo 3, Reach and H2A. Ok, Halo 3 and Reach are the most played but…

It’s weird to me that many people are spending all the time in Halo 3. Ok, this is the most popular but just because everyone is nostalgic about halo 3 and the time they lived with it… Because if we have to talk objectively… : Weapons shooting feel inconsistent; medium - long distance br or carabine shots are unregistered on the enemy or drastically weaker than normal; shooting at enemies feels like you are shooting at rubber or play dough. Halo 3 is cool for map variety and game modes, no doubt, but not so much for gameplay, even if people still like it.

Reach is so much better about weapons shooting consistency, but there are terrible issues. For example, if you melee an enemy (so, shields down) and you shoot immediately in the head with magnum or dmr, or needler rifle, enemy doesn’t die. Everytime feels you have to wait 2 seconds after shields went down to kill him with a headshot. You can see this issue also in the campaign when you get down shields on an elite. He will not die by your first dmr or magnum or needler rifle headshot, and sometimes even sniper rifle. If you play Reach so much, for sure you noticed all these facts. Don’t tell me the opposite. A game based so much in dmr, needler rifle, magnum headshots, can’t afford these terrible issues! (My opinion)

In Halo 2 Anniversary these kind of issues are totally almost absents. Weapons shooting is really good consistent, spartans and elites finally feel like they have the really heavy armour we always knew by the descriptions or books, and also the steps you hear are heavy. Gameplay is totally better for these reasons (shooting consistency and no bull***t issues I described for H3 and Reach) and also for others objective reasons. Light is strong and limpid. Clean. We have some historic and good maps that everyone liked in Halo 2 Classic, small maps or big maps. But people don’t play it because… I don’t know why. A really good game terribly underrated


I dont know anyone who thought about H2A Multiplayer being developed and thought “man, it would be awesome if they used the Halo 4 engine and put new weapons in and changed the lighting”.

The easiest explanation here is the anniversary edition is poorly executed, and so its at the bottom of the popularity list.


How can you say that anniversary edition is poorly executed?? It’s just Halo 2 developed better and I’m not talking about graphic. We have the same maps of beloved Halo 2, a new couple of customizations, and better gameplay so far. The issues I’ve mentioned before are zero. They even gave Halo 2 the forge mode in which you can create maps totally from zero thanks to the fact they added “Nebula” and “Skyward” maps. H2A is your beloved H2 but improved. You didn’t even discuss it.
And also, I really can’t understand why complain about engine when the gameplay is so much more important. (And what’s wrong with that engine??) And they didn’t put new weapons, except for ODST smg and assault rifle. They are not “new”. But ok, we are effectively in a historic period in which engine is so much more important for the fans than the rest. Manufacturers and developers know it. So “we” have not to complain anymore if nowadays manufacturers give us ultra graphic game but poor plot and gameplay. If a game has a lack of contents or it is handled bad (see Infinite), is just “our” fault cause of “our” mentality nowadays. The truth is that 90% of the times these are caprices. If you think or tell that H3 or H2 Classic are better than Anniversary edition, is just cause you are nostalgic of the time you played them. The problem is not the game itself, the problem are people many times

With changes. They are not the same.

This is your opinion. I would argue the additions you mentioned are unnecessary and not beneficial changes.

This is one of the main differences. It doesnt feel like Halo 2 for this reason.

You contradicted yourself. These are both new to Halo 2.

No. Im allowed to argue that 343’s bastardization of the Halo franchise is the problem. You can say Its caused by rose tinted glasses, but the truth is this remake of Halo 2 wasn’t good or popular.

Let’s be clear - if the game was as good as you say, people would be playing it and you wouldnt be here posting about the lack of population.


I’d say improvements, not changes

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Beneficial changes are that the issues of all others halo games are absents here

Perfect. I’m trying to imagine a remastered / remake using same 2004 engine

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I didn’t contradicted myself. We know that halo odst is between halo 2 and 3. So also the odst smg is between halo 2 and 3. Putting it in H2A is totally coherent. About assault rifle we can say that they add it because it is in every halo game. And they never told us why in halo 2 is absent. So, adding it makes perfectly sense. “They are not new” meant “we already saw them”


It’s not popular cause of nostalgic people who are stuck in 2004 - 2007

The same… The game is good, but the problem is nostalgic people stuck in the past

The graphics are phenomenal! I love the remake and I’m really sad that the possibility of a remaster of Halo 3 has dropped off so much. I imagine that is mostly because 343 isn’t capable of making it look better than bungie yet.


I do play Reach “so much” and never, ever experience this issue. If my opponent don’t die, it’s because I missed or they shot me in the head first and I’m dead.

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I think H2A has always suffered from MCC’s botched launch. H2C will always have its OG fans from the start of XBL. H2A being based on H4 did change some physics so it did alter some things for the traditionalists while struggling to gain its own support


No one plays H2A MP because it’s built on the atrocious H4 engine which has terrible lighting. People play H2C instead.


It was also unplayable for almost a month, and this dramatically affected the reception of it


I strongly disagree that the gameplay is better than the Halo CE, 2, 3, or Reach. It definitely suffers from feeling too much like Halo 4 when it comes to the movement and how the weapons shoot. Just like Halo 4 its almost impossible to miss a 4 shot with the BR.

For me the most disappointing part that kills all replay value and the reason I never search H2A is that there are only 2 BTB maps and 5 4v4 maps so it got old long ago. If they would have brought back every H2 map I would like it 10x more


Even if that is so. In terms he has stated It is still better than H5 and Infinite. It does really feel like what the progression of halo would feel like. If you have played them forever you can feel how the character feels when jumping and other movement. I guess this ended up being called sand box. At any rate. If all you have to say is that it was poorly executed you must have an explanation for that, Right? The situation didn’t give it a chance to survive as a game. If you can comprehend that. It was put out with H2 and H3 and HCE which most never really played online before if even played it system linked.

If H5 was more like H2A then that would have been such a better game because of the game play itself true to the core of Halo. Period.

H4 was a nice attempt but they should have stopped there with all the non halo additives.


Dudes closed minded.

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And probably 15… sooooo

H2A is really awesome and there is one thing that i noticed since upgrading to windows 11 which is relevant to the title of this post.

When i tried playing H2A before i upgraded to my new pc, i ran into performance issues running H2A matches. All of the other titles in mcc ran fine, and i just had trouble with h2a running smoothly on my previous gaming laptop which coincidentally was not able to be upgraded to windows 11. It was a machine about 10 years old

Since upgrading to my new gaming desktop with windows 11 and rtx graphics h2a runs smoothly and the performance issues no longer exist.

H2a is really cool and an amazing upgrade from the original graphics/sound etc. and i prefer h2a over h2 since my device can run h2a smoothly now

I imagine i am not the only one who has faced or is still facing performance issues running h2a, and these performance issues might contribute to h2a being perceived as underrated

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