Halo 2 Anniversary Tournament Sign-Ups Begin!

Hello fellow gamers,
HaloScene.com is officially announcing its first tournament and invites you to Sign Up! We will be playing Halo 2 Anniversary / Classic MCC. This tournament will have a max of 32 sign ups. Each team will consist of 4 members and one team name. To sign up you are required to become a registered member of the community, we require this because we will be tracking stats and history with each player competing for future usage upon a ranking and tournament system. These stats will eventually evolve into extra privileges, leader boards, cool prizes, and other potential ideas we have for the future of our benevolent community. Below, I have supplied a few convenient details about the tournament, gametype, and settings.

Once the Sign-Ups are closed and a week before we begin the tourney, we will release the brackets and more specifics for gametypes. Please leave all of your questions, comments and concerns below for the best avenue of communication.

Game: Halo 2 Anniversary / Classic 4v4
Date: Between January 3rd - 15th, 2015 (Saturday Night) depending on how quickly teams sign up.
Start Time: pending…
Max Teams: 32
Min Teams: 8

Sign Up / Create a Team Link: http://www.haloscene.com/forum/index.php?posts/423/

–Movement Speed: 110%
–Primary Weapon: Br
–Primary Weapon: Pistol
–Weapons on Map: Map Default (Possibly could change to human weapons)
–Friendly Fire: Enabled
–Radar: Disabled

Tournament Type: Best out of 3 games (Winner advances to next round)

Host Determination: Randomly chooses leader using a coin toss the first game and last game only. The beginning host will pass to opposing team for the next match. (Possibly could change)
Map Choice(s): Pending… (By default, practice for Popular H2A & H2 Classic maps.)

Prizes: Still to be determined (Reputation, Frontpage post, & possible cash or merchandise prizes)