Halo 2 anniversary Stuck/freeze on loading screen

I reinstalled the campaign but same things happens to me but when the cutscence over and game loading for the first mission screen freezes on loading and when I go to the task manager and see what happens its says not responding every time its crash

Wanted to chime in because I have a similar problem. I’m playing MCC on PC. Reach is fine. CEA is fine. When I hit start on Halo 2 the screen turns black and doesn’t load, but I can hear the menu music playing. Tried with both updated graphics and old to no avail.

Windows 10, Nividia GTX 970M. So it should be fine to handle it.

Halo 2 masterchief collection on my PC freezes on loading screen aswell. Im very disappointing because I paid a lot of money for this. I dont even care if its the anniversary edition. I just want to play halo 2 on my pc yet I cant find the original anywhere. Please help. Thanks