Halo 2:Anniversary(Steam)Co-Op Progress Dont save


I was starting playing Halo 2: Anniversary with my friend (both have Steam Version of Halo MCC), we played a lot of stage (3 i think) and the progress for co-op dont save for him.

I as a host have progress about co-op but he dont.

We tried again, He was the host this time, same problem, if he is the host, the co-op progress save, but for the non host player (me) the progress dont save.

We checked our service record and dont record.

Anyone with this problem?
Please help, we really want to play Co-op but without progress for the non-host player is hard.


Hi…did you contact with support?
I don’t have this error…maybe because i didn’t play co-op…

Yep already contacted support, 3 months ago and again with a new one