Halo 2 anniversary on XBOX 720

I heard That halo 2 anniversary Might come out with the XBOX 720. That would be awesome but im hoping they also release it for XBOX 360. Halo 2 had the one the best and story filled campaign and a fun to play multiplayer i hope they do make a Anniversary

I’m hoping they make it too. If rather have it sooner than later.

I’d be so freakn happy if we got an anniversary edition of Halo 2 with an HD remake of the campaign.

I LOVED the campaign in that game.

Halo 2 Anniversary would be a lovely launch title for the 720!

Its the perfect plan. The campaign of halo 2 would show the world what Halo can be, and the multiplayer would seal the deal as old halo players from the xbox 1 would buy it. It will only work however with the original multiplayer.

si abra halo aniversary