Halo 2 Anniversary: No Surround Sound

I’m currently experiencing an issue where Halo 2 does not actually output in surround sound, only stereo. Both Reach and H:CEA work fine with full 7.1 audio, as do all my other games.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a known bug or just something random happening to me?

Running a GTX 1080 into a Denon receiver through HDMI. Again, nothing else has this problem.

I also have this problem.
Am about to test with/without EAC -as I had the same problem with Reach. Reach seems to have either fixed itself or been updated though.
You may also see if it works via optical vs. analog…

I’m using an analogue 5.1 system and every game works just fine with surround sound except Halo 2.
No matter if classic or Anniversary effects, the sound is only stereo.

I’m using an external sound card for my laptop, wich has 4 analogue 3.5 mm audio jacks (3 are occupied).

I hope this gets fixed soon.

Keep up the great work 343

Greetings from Germany