Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer Crashes

Hey folks, my apologies if this has been covered previously but I have to look for a solution and can’t seem to find one online. Most multiplayer matches I’ve played have been crashing midway through, starting with the audio stuttering before the screen freezes and then turns to black. The MCC then shuts down completely and I get returned to the Xbox One dashboard, where the game restarts itself. This seems to happen on the ranked playlists for the likes of Halo 2A MP, Halo 2 Classic and CE, but for lists like Swat and Rumble it doesn’t occur there.

I’m getting pretty annoyed with it as I’m trying to raise my ranking on Halo 2A MP and have been stuck at Rank 1 for ages simply because the matches glitch out and I get booted from them before they can wrap up. And I’m getting too many abusive messages from teammates and opposition alike because it looks like I’m rage quitting, which is beginning to get tiresome.

Has this happened to anyone else at all?


This is happening a lot to me too.