Halo 2: Anniversary - More maps?

Why did 343i not include all original maps? I believe Halo 2 classic had over 20 maps. Will 343i ever include the rest of the maps in a DLC? Kinda sucks that they never stayed true to H2A…

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Most likely because they didn’t want set aside a budget to remake every map from H2C. I doubt we will ever see the entirety of the maps come to H2A in an official capacity.


Yeah I don’t think we will see anymore remake maps in H2A but it would be cool if they put more forged maps in the rotation to add more variety, not enough maps in H2A.

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Been asking for more H2 maps to be remastered for a long time. Odds are probably not going to happen. At this point I wish they would set up the H2A infection maps for FFA and possibly 4v4. At least get something more in rotation

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Honestly, our best hope for a full remastering of Halo 2 maps will be either a community-driven effort after the release of the Halo 2 Anniversary MP modkit, or 343i deciding to consolidate Halo 2 Anniversary assets into Halo 4 MP (and then the community utilizing the Halo 4 modkit to craft remastered H2 maps).

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All Halo 2 classic maps? That would be a lot of work to put in. I mean, it’d be awesome if that happened, but that’s pretty unrealistic, IMO. When we were getting Halo Online maps for Halo 3 I was hoping maybe we’d get another remastered map or two for H2A MP, but with MCC taking a backseat to Infinite now that it’s out I don’t think there’s any real hope for new content for H2A. Any more effort at that kind of level will likely continue to be focused on Halo 3 since it’s the most popular title of the bunch.

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I don’t think 343 is going to remaster any more maps in h2a, they’re too bust with infinite. Also they should fix the bugs where some players see everyone in the game invisible cause i can’t play it with my friends anymore

If I were 343, with full respect to the devs, I’d look at the maps that AREN’T in H2A or HCEA (For example, Headlong was in CEA via Reach.) Instead of just looking at games like Call Of Duty or Gears Of War just remaking maps wholesale with little to no updates (4eg, Clocktower and Security were added into Gears 4 post-launch, with the former map and its cousin Blood Drive, were given menial updates to fit the continuity of the game.) “But, it’s a remaster of an old map for nostalgia’s sake.”

But, then you have Solitary, also from Halo Reach/CEA. (Full video here: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XsU6yUphDQ)). Notice how there’s a lot of snow around it, which immediately makes it identifiable from what wasn’t achieved with the original version of the map.

But, we also have H2A maps like Lockdown, which give the game much more of a harrowing feel on the bottom if you stop and notice with the tanks.

Not only does this give lore fans something to go off of when remembering the map, but also does more than simply putting new weapons and machine gun turrets wherever you want.

But if there were one map that really would’ve shown what H2A is all about, I think Tombstone would be it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJIsr-tFT-8). Just add rust, and a sandstorm, along with some malfunctioning lights, and the sightlines would be much more challenging.