Halo 2 Anniversary Legendary Co-Op Bug

My friend and I are trying our best to enjoy this game, but we’re having a major problem. On this one mission, our characters bug out. My guy is off doing his own thing on my friend’s screen and vice versa. He’s running into a wall on mine, constantly reloading the area, etc. I would like to see this resolved before the 19th, so that I can get the armor for the Halo 5 Beta. Which, of course, involves beating all 4 campaigns on Legendary. THANKS.

My friend and I have been having a really hard time trying to get through the mission Regret in Halo 2 because it keeps crashing on us all the time. We’re trying to beat Halo 2 on legendary and can’t progress through it linear because 5 times now the mission crashes after spending several hours getting through it.

I haven’t heard about getting armor for Halo 5 by beating all the campaigns on legendary. Where can I learn more about that?