Halo 2 Anniversary is unplayable in its current state

The performance of Halo 2 Anniversary on Xbox Series X has been deteriorating for a while, but the persistent performance issues and constant drops in frame-rate have reached breaking point.

Just tried to play Cairo Station and it was excruciating - the game eventually froze entirely when I reached the battle with the covenant boarding craft and I had to quit via the Xbox home.

All other components of the MCC are working fine in my experience, but 343 urgently need to address the condition of H2A.

Get in line please; https://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/mcc-xbox-one-x-performance-regression-video/548327/12

Joke aside (almost not joking considering how long it’s been this way) is Series X running it this bad too?

Glad I’m not the only one bringing attention to this.

It used to run fine on my old OG Xbox One, but since I upgraded to the series X about a year ago the game has dived off a cliff, particularly within the last couple of months.

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When the series x first came out reach forge maps and halo 4 forge maps felt absolutely terrible to play on series x although it did improve when the series x had driver updates. VRR is a must for H4 and H2A but you’ll be stuck with 1080p @ 120fps if your monitor isn’t hdmi 2.1. I’m playing on pc now and thank goodness.

I’m almost certain the issue is from and because of the introduction of using UE4 for the UI which they started doing at the same time as Reach released. With the use of UE4 and the release of Reach MCC contains a total of 11 (!) different engines across all the games. This means that when playing H2A or CEA MCC is running three (classic, anniversary + UE4 for the UI) different engines in parallel and I bet the memory footprint + cpu usage from that is to blame.

Just played through Reach and Halo 3 on One X and they run very well @ 4K60fps with a couple of areas having larger drops and a few with minor ones. 90-95% great performance in the campaign in those. And it makes sense; Reach and H3 only have two engines running in parallel.

Not sure how they managed the UI for each game pre Reach. Guessing it used to be a part of the respective engine meaning 9 different places to keep up-to-date all the time. Either way the performance hit clearly shows it was a bad decision.