Halo 2 anniversary epilogue?

So I have seen both the prologue and epilogue but I only saw the epilogue when I opened the halo 5 beta I never saw it when I beat the halo 2 campaign. Why is that? It’s not like a big deal since I’ve already seen it but i’m just curious as to why I didn’t see it after the cortana and gravemind scene.

I didn’t get it either. I had to watch it on the Halo Channel.

I found it on the Halo Channel when I was looking for the alternate cutscene with the ODST’s. I have no idea why it doesn’t play after the end of Halo 2. It’s either broken or they forgot about it.

Interestingly enough when I went to the Halo 5 Beta for the first time in the Extras section it played the Epilogue. Like Andy said, it’s either broken or they forgot about it,