Halo 2 Aniversairy edition

if 343 makes halo 2 aniv edition i dont want what they did with halo 1 anniversary. While i like halo 1 it could have been so much more, i wanted this from halo 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm9mrTAH-5w&feature=related

someone tell me they did not want this from halo 1 please

Now im not bashing halo 1 cea i just had so much hope in the beginning


Thread is irrelevant to Halo 4.

> Thread is irrelevant to Halo 4.

This. Just move on, people.

I agree, about that, but there is not a halo 2 a edition forum :frowning:

While that mod does look cool and fun, it’s completely non-canon. There were no Brutes in any of the Fleet at Alpha Halo.

This either belongs in the Anniversary section or the general discussion.

To the general discussion it is with it !!!

Also canon wise of the mod, brutes eh, i was more talking about the larger sandbox, as well as better graphics an slightly redone maps

If it had Real Halo 2 multiplayer?


If it had Halo 4 multiplayer with pseudo Halo 2 settings, no, waste of time and money.

even though your post is irrelevant and does not belong here…

343 has already confirmed that they are not working on a halo 2 anniversary

Just pointing out that the snipier in the video is awesome. That is how 343 should have made the Sniper for Halo 4.

I know exactly what you mean. I was disappointed when I realized they were just using Reach models. They took all the time to remake all the environments, so why not make enhanced models instead of pasting in Reach’s? The Covenant have a distinctly different style from CE to Reach, and Anniversary just ruins that for me.

I have to agree that the elites didn’t look right especially the gold ones - zealots right? But I’d still take the updated graphics version of cea over an actual remake.

A reskin would look nice, and it wouldn’t take much time away from the development of Halo 5 and 6. But I love the Halo 2 multiplayer maps. And the campaign needs a lot of fixing up. Not sure.

I’m not going to answer the poll… Because it’s more complicated. It’s not a clear cut thing as you present in the poll.

A Halo 2 remake requires MP over XBL. Therefore, it cannot be like Halo CE’s remake for me to purchase the remade Halo 2 game.

Also, the word remake isn’t the right word. Halo 2 doesn’t require tweaks to its game play or graphics for me. It doesn’t need a new online interface. It would be neat if they could make it online co-op enabled, 12v12 BTB MM MP on XBL, more MP maps, introduce more levels to the campaign, etc. Also, stop stand byers etc.

Halo 2 was the reason XBL was a success to me. I wouldn’t have gotten XBL if Halo 2 wasn’t on it. It was the reason why almost all console games went online and devoted resources to online game-play.

So, I think Halo 2 will be back online eventually. We will have to wait, but I sure hope it’s not like the CE remake.