Halo 2 and windows 7

I am a little disappointed with microsoft because they do not update there merchandise. I want to get Halo 2 for my computer because I yet can’t afford an xbox 360, and halo is my favorite game, so… naturally I want to get a multiplayer game with achievements that I’ll like to play. But I have checked a thousand times to see if there was a way past the requirements of it to be on vista before I bought and wasted money because I have windows 7, but alas I have failed to find anything. They really need to update it to partain to those who have current windows platforms. At least I think so and I don’t have the money to change to vista and I don’t know why I would down grade.

I’m currently running Halo 2 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit just fine. Only thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t run multiple instances of the game on my rig at one time unlike other GFWL games.

How exactly did you do it I have looked and looked all over the internet in endless forums and web sites and I have seen people having troubles loading it, downloading it, and playing multiplayer. I have an extremely fast Compaq presario thats not even a year old running windows 7 and has amazing perfomance but there’s people that have the samething (not exactly the same computer) but have troubles with GFWL processer and game loading. plus its a laptop

I believe I just installed it as normal and it has been working fine! I believe it was the GFWL Gears of War that requires you to downoad a patch to successfully install it, but Halo 2 should work fine.

Have you actually tried installing it yourself? Or are you just going off of posts on the internet by others? I would try it yourself. :slight_smile:

I will try it myself I just want others opinions before I buy it to confirm it will work, its just I am not running it off a desktop its a laptop and most times it won’t run off a laptop and it says on the back of the game case that it only runs for vista and not windows 7 I just don’t want to waste money

Completely understandable! I would try installing it first and hope for the best. If you do run into issues, then check these workarounds out:





Thanks much appreciated, and the thing is people keep telling me to buy an xbox but I haven’t the money for it and no job, so slim on money and I already have the computer

Although Halo 1 doesn’t have achievements, it is the better game.

Halo 2 Vista is not:

a AAA title.
a AAA port.
As good as Halo 1 Custom Edition.
Online Co-op.

The damn microsoft building the wall for stoping you to access the memory