Halo 2 Achievments

Hey guys. I discovered Halo last year and became a huge fan of the series. Yesterday i bought Halo 2, and it’s a great game . But, i’m having a problem with the achievements - my 360 doesn’t unlock them. Is it because of the disk version (“Best of Classics”)or ?

Welcome to waypoint! To answer your question simply halo 2 for xbox does not have any achievements. Halo 2 vista for the PC does have achievements!

You can only get achievements on the PC version

Oh :frowning:

Too bad. I really hope they do something about this.

> I really hope they do something about this.

What can they do?
The online has been taken off for all Xbox original games and on top of that they never had achievements.
That said you don’t need achievements to enjoy Halo 2, but if it means so much to you then you can get Halo 2 on PC which has achievements (no waypoint cuz 343 are lazy) and still has online.

Welcome to Halo :smiley: