Halo 2 achievements / Halo Channel Rewards issues


Im having two different issues hope someone can help me.

First issue:
I’ve already completed al MCC campaigns in Legendary a couple of months ago but for some reason the achievements are not popping in my xbox specifically the Halo 2 ones, however in the records says that the campaign missions are already finished. I’ve already tried the Halo Channel “fix”, reinstall the game, finish the campaign in my computer but nothing seems to work, therefore I’m not getting the Helioskrill armour.

Second issue:
I’ve already seen all the content several times (not skipping nor forwarding) but I’m not getting the rewards, I’ve already tried restarting and reinstalling the app and re-watchign the content again but nothing.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks to all in advance.

Yeah I’ve always loved ODSTs and the armour will not load

After many hours I have got the armour. All I did was reset my Xbox and it was there.