Halo 2&3 MCC Campaign stats not updating

Hello, So ive been trying to get a better score and speed runs on the campaign missions. But it wont update, I can see my last Carnage Report say i made a run in 21:06 on “The Covenant” but it still shows my first run which is 1:34:54…
I Also did it on Outskirts… my newest record is 9:12 but also shows my first run 1:41:35? Why is the game not updating for me? I’ve tried to do Outskirts 7 times just today but still not updating?
Yesterday i did Cairo Station and that one updated like right away?

And also, when ever i close Halo MCC down, it freezes for like 5-10 min… so whenever this happens open Task Manager and ending the process, but when MCC closes down a windows pops up saying:
Anti-Cheat Violation
An error has occured: (x00000001)
I dont know why, but happens everytime i close the process instead of waiting the 10 min for it to close? can this have something to do with it?

Never had any issues like this, the only thing i can say is to make a ticket and see if any of the Support members has a fixed for this issue.

Another thing is, i can see i do “unlock” stuff, like Challenges. 3 Campaign missions over 20k score etc etc… So i dont understand why my time scores wont change. Not even on Halowaypoint under service record…

Alright so now i just continued on my Reach, was halfway in it on legendary, and i did 2 missions - which didnt Unlock any achievements for completing “The Long Night” and “Exodus”… I’m kinda very angry right now, its a WHOLE day of playing without getting anything or anywhere… :frowning: