Halo 2 '07 MLG Team and FFA Gametypes

Looking to run MLG To4s and FFAs for old time sakes. If anyone is interested in playing please add the following gamertags:

Dyno The Ninja

Will also play 1v1’s and seldom Halo 3. I have all of the original Halo 3 MLG gametypes and maps.

I already add you friend I’m from Colombia I have several friends who play my Gt: Baldo Skunk

This post is better off in the Recruiting Forums

There is already a group of guys on MCC that do this. They play most nights of the week I believe but be warned they are the best of the best as far as people who still play and depending on how much you’ve been playing, you might not be able to hang. If you want to know who to contact, there is a guy that streams on Twitch from time to time and he is apart of the group. He streams under MCC but I can’t remember what his name was… good luck