Halo 1 MC Collection - JEEP RAMMING - Best thing!

A long time ago, back when Halo 1 first came onto the scene and everyone was so hyped for it, my cousin, brother, friend, and I all fell in love with something we called “Jeep Ramming.” It consists of the Original halo, because the vehicles don’t break, and a big open map. Grab your friends and anyone who wants to play, and set the rules as death by vehicle. Your job is to flip the other players and run them over for the kills, but you will see you get some epic moments and some major air time when running into each other constantly. Lots of fun, highly recommend!

We even came together all these years later to try it again with the Master Chief collection, and here is how it turned out:

Hope you all enjoy it too!

Hahahaha, nice! Funny!