Halo 1 dedicated server in MS Server 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to host a halo 1 dedicated server on my Server 2012 VPS. I have opened all needed ports (2300-2305) for this. However, server 2012 needs to see a service (or in this case .exe) in order to open the needed ports. This is not working as intended. The ports stay closed, therefore I’m questioning the halo 1 dedicated server compatibility with MS Server 2012. Can anyone possibly help me running the server? This most likely is an OS/application(haloded) issue.

I hope to hear from someone! Thanks in advance guys!

By “opening the ports,” are you talking about port forwarding on your router or allowing communication through the Windows Firewall? You’ll probably have to do both.

In Windows Firewall, you should be able to create custom rules to allow an application to communicate on certain ports.

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The server I’m using is a VPS (Virtual private server), it has all ports open by default, only blocked by windows firewall.

I can open ports in windows firewall, no problem. However, Windows Server needs to see a running service using that port for it to open. I’m guessing this is a security measure. For example: If I open port 2500, it won’t be open automatically. I have to assign a program (can be anything) to use that port for port 2500 to really be become open and reachable.

The halo dedicated server console does not trigger this “port opening” for some reason. I have assigned the haloded.exe to port 2300-2305 (also 2303 in particular or many others), but it won’t open the port because haloded.exe is somehow not recognized by Windows Server. I have also made a windows service from the .exe, without any success.

And ofcourse, I have also tried to create custom rules to allow haloded.exe to communicate on many different ports.

What exactly is the issue that you’re experiencing? How do you know that this is a communication problem due to ports not being open? What happens if you test the port (for example, using telnet)?

You’re opening the ports on both TCP and UDP, correct? If all else fails, turn off Windows Firewall. Your server should be completely open then.

If there are no network devices blocking ports, Windows Firewall is off, and you are still having communication problems, Halo PC may just be incompatible with Server 2012. It was, after all, designed for XP/Server 2003. You could try having all of the executables run in compatibility mode or you could try installing XP or Server 2003 on your VPS.

I have pretty much tried everything so far (I am MCSA 2003 certified, so I know my stuff).

Turning off the firewall is not working, even then the ports remain closed because Server 2012 needs a service to be allocated to that port for it to open. I have no idea why this is the case or if this can be turned off.

I have tried running an IIS server on port 2303, no problem at all. Port opens perfectly.

I have tried both UDP and TCP (although it clearly is UDP). I’ve tried to run it in compatibility mode for XP SP3, no succes either. Seems like the only option is to revert to 2003 or 2008 I guess, but really that is no option :frowning:

I’ve found compatibility mode to be iffy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

But yes, I would blame this on compatibility. My only remaining suggestion is to try an older Windows version.