Halo 1 (CE) CTF on Ragnarok (Recreated)

If anyone out there is like me and missing the ORIGINAL Halo 1 Blood Gulch Play style I have recreated the original CTF style with what 343 has clearly forgotten what made Halo what it is today. Send me a message on xbox liv and I will friend you so we can play custom matches like the good old days: GamerTag: Mason00g Send me a message as my friends list might be full.

CTF Ragnorok Settings for Original HALO Style
Changes just to name a few i need people to test these settings
Vehicle Destruction NO
Promethean weapons NO
Flag must be returned to base before capture YES
Flag returns to Player base when player touches on Flag YES
Warthogs ONly YES
Assault Rifle and Magnum loadouts YES (No stupid jet packs and crap)
other settings enabled to keep it as close as possible. AGAIN message me on xbox live I am creating a group of people who would like to relive the glory days when HALO was still HALO not HALO+COD+BF3+some other shooter if you are with me send me message: MASON00G
I am mostly on everyday around 6pm Eastern till 10pm and on weekends Sat-Sun most the day.

Sweet, I’ll just use the Halo 4 file browser to download this cool sounding gametype.

Oh wait, 343 decided that would be a feature they’d implement after launch.

Seriously though, this sounds noice. Only problem is the difficulty of getting it, especially when I can just recreate it based off your settings.

For shame, 343.

can i join?

Oh yes sure im online right now just message me and I will add you right now.