Halo 1-3 and Halo 5 did more for causal players than infinite

With the lack of abilities in classic Halo all you had to do was jump and shoot. It wasn’t complicated which in turn made it easier for causal players to have fun

Halo 5s abilites made it easier to engage with the game. I have a friend that his hands are injured. He’s struggling in infinite because he has to do that Sprint slide combo that gets you around faster in the map. In halo 5 he can just press the thruster and move a good distance. To him that was enough to make it feel comfortable. Now it’s just Uber sweaty in every mode. Even social because if your not sprinting 24/7 your at a movement disadvantage . In classic my friend would be fine because his hands don’t have to do.much. in halo 5 he can rely on the thruster to make movement feel comfortable to him. Halo 5 and Halo 1-3 had ease of use. This ease of use made it good for causal players to enjoy the game better

I don’t really think the inclusion of more baseline abilities makes the game more challenging by default, a lot of the options included such as clamber make the game easier than learning to crouch jump

The problem is that 343i have made the game hyper-competitive in nature with their choices elsewhere, such as bloom, the lack of casual game-modes such as Infection & SBMM to name a few

An argument could probably be made that some weapons were designed with a competitive mindset such as removing the old shotgun & replacing it with one that can no longer one-shot.


I got a buddy who still can’t grasp the crouch jump. We’ve been playing together for 15 years. Lol


The Sprint slide meta is sweaty bro. You have to sweat to get any type of meaningful movement in this game and if you don’t do any of that and you just walk your moving super slow. The engagement. The ease of us is what cuasals are after. The " getting to the battle" plays a huge part in it. A lot of people tune out of the game when they feel like they just can’t reach the battles. In classic everyone was moving at the same exact speed so it never felt like you were left out. On the flip side of the coin the thruster pack in halo 5 was just one button press. Just jumping and thrusting would get you a good distance. This engagement is what they are looking for. In halo infinite you have to fight to feel any sort of comfort. That’s coming from someone who plays all games. I’ma Halo guy. He plays all shooters and he says that as a casual it doesn’t feel fun to him and that it’s always about trying super hard in halo infinite.

Bloom shouldn’t exsist. I don’t think casual game modes will fix it. Just take a look at how long infection took for Halo 5. We’re not getting that for a long time. If I was an infection fan I would be so pissed right now about that. SBMM has always exsisted in halo 5 it will continue here and never go away. It should be removed for unranked play. There has never been in unranked playlist. Those playlists even btb have a rank that you can’t see.

It’s funny you say that. I HATE the shotgun but guess what. It was Halo. You don’t mess with Halo. I want the og shotgun back. It needs to be a one shot. The placement of the shot gun is what’s important. Not that it was a one shot

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I just thought about it & it’s weird to think that the last time you were able to crouch jump without clamber being an option was Halo 4 & that was released like, 9 years ago.

Time flies by so fast. (っ °Д °;)っ

The issue is just the lack of game modes. Unless you are in the mood for ranked there’s nothing else to play. Once the update drops today I think you’ll have a mich better time.

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Modes won’t change gameplay

Contradiction of the century

CE has its own skill ceiling with frictionless players 3 shotting with Magnum.
H2 (OG H2 Live MP) has its own skill ceiling of BXR and BXB.
H3 is by far the most balanced Halo, with only BR leading to worry about.
H4 is cheese factory with Precision + Boltshot as well as Promethean vision.
H5 is just spamming Spartan Abilities to stay mobile which is ultra sweaty for people who just wants the classic Halo dance.

Every game bar H3 has its fair share of complex button combos and gameplay gimmicks, so why are you so against Infinite’s?
Ironic that you would even bring H5 onto the table because H5 by far is the sweatiest Halo MP experience if you’re talking strictly with just guns, nades, melee. Oh I’m sorry I meant , Guns, Nades, Melee, Spartan Charge, Stabilize, Ground Pound and Thruster.

Infinite doesn’t even need you to Sprint Slide all the time. You can easily beat a Sprint Slide player by simply doing the classic stafe crouch and BAM you just screwed his aim 3 times over because :

  1. During the slide he adjusts his aim up to shoot your head
  2. You strafe and he needs to adjust his aim on the X axis to track you
  3. You crouch and he needs to adjust his aim on the Y axis to track you

You strafe crouching forces him to adjust his aim multiple times during his slide and recovering from a slide.

Sprint Sliding is only useful for taking people by surprise around corners.

No comment on CE. That game is dated even if you liked it

The bxr and bxb took skill. It’s one of the reason I like Halo 5 so much. Because of the button combos. Same as Halo 2.

Halo 3s base move and the BR sucked. But that could be easily changed so yes Halo 3 was goat and shouldve been what Halo was if we didn’t get another game like Halo 5.

Don’t even mention Halo 4

Halo 5 is just like Halo 2. Same starts. No equipment. Emphasis on button comobs. Sure you may mlbot like but it doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It did

I’m ranking on infinites because I can’t make the same plays anymore that I used to make in every other Halo. The float doesn’t feel the same. The slide. The strafing. It all feels off and not like Halo should. Go back to Halo 5 and see what I meant it’s crisper in older Halos.

Sliding helps your aim
It’s the main thing I did in halo 5 to get a better shot on some one so what ur saying doesn’t make sense

Sprint sliding is more than just getting around corners. It connects jumps and string animations

Infinite’s matchmaking literally rigs your games for you so you can play other bad players it is the most appealing to bad players

Has your friend who is injured try out the adaptive controller designed for disabled and injured players?

Dude, i wish it did do that. A lot of times I already had to carry 3 noobs while facing against an entire team that is my skill level or above. I mostly stayed positive, but my teammates went deep into the negative. The game simply doesn’t seem to do what you claim it does.

I feel I’m doing that a lot too myself. It would be nice to see someone’s rank outside of ranked.