Hall 5 weapon update

So I haven’t been playing much Halo as of late and I finally had some free time. Upon playing, what was once a decent game, I noticed the weapon tuning update completely changed the game. For example, the BR is useless now the shotgun is nerfed and the pistol is the main go to weapon. Why have an AR or BR, if it doesn’t do anything. In my opinion the weapons were fine the way they were before this update the only good thing about this update is since the grenades are nerfed they aren’t being spammed as much.

The shotgun wasn’t nerfed. If you want to read all about the weapon tuning update, click here. The Halo 5 sandbox, while mostly well-balanced, was very redundant. I personally didn’t have an issue with it, but I could see where others were coming from and am fine with this update. The BR takes a lot more skill now and can’t laser someone from across the map now, which in my opinion, is a good thing. The only problem is the weapons that weren’t changed are now very powerful.

Feel free to leave any feedback on weapon tuning in the pinned discussion thread at the top of the forums