Half the weapons need work

The pulse carbine is a joke. It is pretty much impossible to kill any moving target with this weapon. The projectiles are too slow and don’t do any damage. I would rather use a sidekick than this.

Commando and sidekick are only good with controller’s aim assist. They are horrible with mouse and keyboard.

Bulldog should do slightly more damage. It should only take 1-2 shots to kill. Otherwise it’s just useless in most situations. Heatwave is just better.

Cindershot bullets don’t seem to explode properly unless you ads

Ravager is completely useless. It’s just flashy with no damage. It looks like a power weapon but acts like super soaker.

Plasma pistol needs to be able to disable vehicles again and/or be damage buffed. It is pretty much useless other than for the “noob combo”.

I got a pulse carbine challenge last week and it was one of the most depressing experiences I’ve ever had playing Halo.

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